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Lanico is a Project Management company
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Lanico can help companies to develop the best plan to avoid the unexpected. To identify and manage the current and potential threats for your business. To analyse priorities and to set-up resiliences amongst providers. Lanico provides a full range of services, including:
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(BCM) Business Continuity Management
BCM (Business Continuity Management):  Identifying and assuring a Business Continuity Planning for internal and external threats and synthesizes hard and soft assets to provide effective prevention and recovery for the organization – Be prepared for the unexpected. Risk assessments ISO 22301 BCM Processes and procedures (steps, actions) WAR (work area recovery) implementation and regular testing Schematic for power and data infrastructure (n+1) Schematic for AirCon infrastructure (n+1) Crises call cascade, info on BB’s Satellite phone And more
External IT Supplier: Laptops, Monitors, BB Chargers Users without Laptops /VPN Users with Laptops /VPN Relocate to other office Office Work from WIFI Environment Home, Business Center, Hotel Decision Relocate Impact  Crisis Detect  Crisis Event
CRISES PROCESS STEPS 1- Detect the crisis 2- Judge the situation and assemble the crisis team 3- Declare the crisis and inform the crisis team 4- Implement a safe and healthy situation for employees and other parties concerned 5- Communicate to internal and external (after approval) 6- Realize a business continuity plan 7- Develop an aftercare plan 8- Bring the crisis situation to an end 9- Log Crisis process