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Lanico can help companies to develop the co-ordination of all business support services. It involves all types of business support processes mostly in offices. It can be defined as the integration and alignment of the non-core services, including those relating to premises, required to operate and maintain a business to fully support the core objectives of the organisation. Lanico provide a full range of services, including:
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Facility Management
Facility Management : Assuring that real estate and workplace strategies, operations and services in all locations meet local business needs at both levels: strategic and operational. Commercial property portfolio management Assessment and review of current space efficiencies Develop structures, define roles and responsibilities Operational, processes, procedures Develop guidelines and standards Workplace strategies, growth projections Create a high performance workplace Space planning, layout Moves, adds and changes Close liaising with other departments Office equipment, office furniture, inventory, archiving Office support functions Reception, switchboard, client center, shipping and receivables Staff and visitors Meeting room management Audio, Video conferencing, Telepresence, Tandberg/Cisco Conciergerie Staff arrival, departures Catering, cleaning, recycling Energy Efficiency, Energy Management Procurement, vendors, suppliers – Contracts, SLA’s Cost saving General Technical Services General technical maintenance Maintenance systems Periodic statutory testing and inspections Management of Power and data cabling Technical alarms - Technician repair procedure Travel Services Tendering agencies Develop commercial services Develop web portal for users Summary and statistic tools Wellness Develop Wellness concept In house pharmacy Fitness In house doctor Health Check Events Manage company’s events Team building Christmas Party Happy hours
What’s   Facility Management
Facilit y Management  (FM) is an
int erdisciplinary f ield devot ed t o t he co
ordinat ion of   all non
core businesses and t o
ensure proper operat ions wit hin t he company.
1) Planning 2) Managing 3) Executing Global (High level details) Local (Low level details) • To  differentiate  Local and  Global business • To have a global overview on all  locations (high level details) • To align business across all  locations only when synergies can  be reached  – Avoid standard  globalization, keep it simple and  efficient. Local vs. Global
Global Facilities Main Focuses to be extended, shared amongst Global Facilities