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Lanico is a Project Management company
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Lanico’s organization and detailed supervision on construction/build-out projects often reduces man-hours, saving clients time and money. Lanico can handle all phases of the construction process. Lanico’s construction management consultants are your eyes and ears on the job site, making sure schedules are maintained and the new location is complete to specifications in time for the scheduled move. Lanico provides a full range of services, including:
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Construction Management
Construction Management: Construction Projects: Overall control of various projects; new product, Data Center, office change, new office set-up,… From inception to completion; coordination, timeline, budget. Adjust accordingly the needs following business changes Advice, support, leadership new ideas, new projects Set-up a project team with workstream leaders Develop a project structure with main items: a) scope of project, b) project team, c) timeline, d) budget Develop business, financial plans, Product Development New office: Real estate with local brokers; Market research, shortlist, office specs first draft Feasibility studies; First draft layout, headcount forecast, pre- project Legal advice for the lease; Duration, renewal, technical  Space planning, workplace strategy; Floor plan proposals, needs for business Technical infrastructure; Power, data, security, cooling Timeline, budget; Key elements, cost control, long lead items General project management with local team; Project structure Commissioning; General review before “go live” Move-in and snagging list; Check-list General Facility Management; Day to day business needs, technical And more
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