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Lanico is a Project Management company
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Lanico offers a wide range of FM (Facilities Management) services to help support your business. Our aim is to take the strain out of running your support services, freeing you to concentrate on performance and profitability of your core business, we understand that each client relationship is unique, and we accommodate our services to your business needs.
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Services Lanico can provide turnkey project management, participate in your project as the prime contact, or complement your existing in-house staff with a flexible consultant format on an as-needed basis. Click on the links on the left to know more about our services or send us an email
Our clients are telling us... We have changed the way we work! Why are we paying FTE’s, we need to cut costs. We have more project based needs - Outsourcing is the best option. We like to receive latest advices from experienced people. Lanico has brougth a lot to our organisation.
Role The discipline of facility management and the role of Lanico in particular are evolving to the extent that companies have to operate at two levels: strategic-tactical and operational. Our role is to ensure proper operation of all aspects of a building to create an optimal, safe and cost effective environment for the occupants to function. This is accomplished by managing some of the activities from the list on the right.
Space Planning Space planning is critical to ensure that work environments meet the demands of today and provide opportunity for growth and development in the future. Lanico has experienced designers on staff to assist with various client projects – from start-up clients up large companies. We find creative ways to improve individual workspaces with the right balance to incorporate privacy and encourage collaboration.
Facilities Management Lanico can help companies to develop the co-ordination of all business support services. It involves all types of business support processes mostly in offices. It can be defined as the integration and alignment of the non-core services, including those relating to premises, required to operate and maintain a business to fully support the core objectives of the organisation.
Real Estate Lanico can help companies find and partner with some respected and successful real estate brokerage comapnies. We make sure our clients understand all the options available to meet their specific business objectives. Working as your advisor.
Relocation Corporate relocation is a daunting, costly and time consuming endeavor. If you’ve ever handled an office relocation or expansion, you know this first-hand. You probably also told yourself you would never do it again, without the help of an expert. Now, instead of trying to manage your business and your office move, Lanico can do the work for you.
Construction management Lanico’s organization and detailed supervision on construction/build-out projects often reduces man-hours, saving clients time and money. Lanico has construction management consultants on staff who are available to handle all phases of the construction process. Lanico’s construction management consultants are your eyes and ears on the job site, making sure schedules are maintained and the new location is complete to specifications in time for the scheduled move.
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Workplace Strategy Work is now “what we do”, not “a place where we go”, Reshape the way of work, Contribute to your company’s overall success by improving the productivity of your workspaces and your people, Attract and retain the best talent, Flexibility: Bigger Than A Benefit, Increased productivity of employees, Improve work performance,...  
IT Today’s businesses are built on communication and Lanico’s telecommunications consultants ensure your telecommunications system is designed with current needs in mind along with consideration of future needs. We provide research, consulting services, analysis and advice for an array of telecommunication and cabling services.
Data Center, MER’s, SER’s A Data Center is a facility used to house computer systems and associated components, such as telecommunications and storage systems. It generally includes redundant or backup power supplies, redundant data communications connections, environmental controls (e.g., air conditioning, fire suppression) and security devices. We provide research, consulting services, analysis and advice for an array of computer rooms.
Maintenance & Operations The maintenance of mechanical and electrical services in any building is a significant overhead. It is essential therefore, that the equipment installed is maintained cost effectively, without compromising the ability of the building to function. Lanico can demonstrate considerable experience in the management of both in house maintenance staff and in the use of specialist contractors over a wide range of of building types.